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Representation in court for business affairs

The Dutch court system has two main entry points, through the small claims courts (also known as cantonal courts: “kantongerechten”) for business monetary claims of up to EUR 25,000, employment cases and cases involving the lease of residential and commercial property.

Legal representation by a lawyer or barrister is not compulsory, but in most cases is advisable when defending or bringing a case as the rules of civil procedure can be complicated.

Consumer affairs

All other cases, such as divorces, bankruptcy requests, monetary claims till EUR 40,000 and administrative law cases must be brought before the 11 district courts (“arrondissementsrechtbanken”). Representation by a lawyer/ barrister is compulsory. Court fees for cases brought before the district courts are higher than the fees for the cantonal courts.

Dispute with the government

We will act legal representation by one of our lawyers until the high council if there is a conflict with the government. We can also act as local representation in matters of fiscal unhealthy permits.

Every hearing receives our full attention

Our experienced allocation team will ensure every hearing receives our full attention. Assisted by our bespoke instruction management system, they make sure that only the most suitable advocate is assigned to your case.

We cover every county court in The Netherlands and can easily accommodate last-minute hearings.

Expatriate legal desk


For foreign nationals living in the Netherlands, the Dutch legal system can be confusing, especially if you are confronted unexpectedly with life changing decisions and you do not speak fluent Dutch.

Our expatriate desk aims to guide you through these hurdles in (native) English.

Our expatriate desk is not only aimed at expats temporarily stationed in the Netherlands, but also at foreign nationals permanently resident in the Netherlands, that either feel they do not speak the language well enough or have legal problems that have cross-border aspects. Such as property in another country, an employment contract with a foreign company or a spouse living in another country.


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