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Set up a Limited Liability Company in The Netherlands

The Dutch BV (besloten vennootschap) is the most popular entity to be used as a financing, holding or royalty company in international structures. The Dutch BV is comparable to the American Limited Liability Company, or the German GmbH. Setting up a Dutch Limited Liability Company is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to establish or continue a business in The Netherlands.

In particular, the Dutch BV offers a better appearance than a general partnership or a sole proprietorship, especially if you are doing business internationally. In addition, it offers the legal restriction of the private liability.

  • 1. Research on the best option for you

    Read about the solutions we have for you to establish your company in The Netherlands, open a Business Bank Account, get a Registred Office. We can do the whole set up remotely for you.

  • 2. Discuss options like immigration

    Let’s discuss all other options which you might need to start a healthy business in The Netherlands like for instance getting a Residence Permit, get your Accounting and Tax Filing done.

  • 3. Agree on prices and terms

    We will give you a good quote for the services you need and discuss this to avoid hidden costs. You know exactly what the set up of your Company will cost and there will be no surprises afterwards.

  • 4. Issue and payment of invoice

    We can make the payment very easy for you, you can transfer the amount upfront per Bank, or pay when you are in our office with your Bank Card or Credit Card.

  • 5. Let’s go to the Notary and Bank

    We will take you to the Notary for the immediate setup of your Company, when this is done we can go directly to the Bank to assist you with the Bank Account opening.

The Netherlands is the attractive country starting your business

  • Financial and fiscal climate
  • 20% corporate tax, one of the lowest tax rates in Europe
  • Strategic Location in Europe
  • High-tech infrastructure
  • International Business Environment
  • Logistics & Technological Infrastructure
  • Highly educated, flexible and multi lingual workforce
  • Leading world banks (ING bank, ABN Amro, Rabobank)
  • High quality of Life

mr  Rolf Peter Rothuizen LL.M.

Expert in Business Law, Company Law and Tax Optimisation

Tel: +31 20 697 4000
Mob: +31 6 50 87 48 38

Other services to a Limited Liability Company in The Netherlands


Legal contracts

We provide your company with all legal contracts needed to set up succesfully your Dutch company.

Local banking

We can assist with the opening of a bank account of the leading banks like ING bank, ABN Amro and Rabobank.

Tax recidency

We will your company provide with the required tax numbers from the Dutch tax authorities.


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