As a consequence of Brexit, Amsterdam is the new London

The disruption of a final Brexit is impossible to calculate, and its full dimensions will take years to become clear. Even so, in tiny, orderly Amsterdam, it is already possible to glimpse what post-Brexit Europe might look like—because it is already here. About 100 companies with operations in Britain have opened offices in the Netherlands because of Brexit, according to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Of those, at least 65 are in Amsterdam, a city with a population of 800,000—a sliver of London’s 9 million. City officials say the influx will create about 3,500 jobs in the next three years. And that could be a trickle compared with a future flood.

The Netherlands has long been welcoming to business outsiders. Some 4,000 foreign companies, about half of them American, have set up in the country since the 1970s, according to NFIA. Amsterdam’s vast international airport is a global hub, an hour’s flight time from London. English is widely spoken; ultrafast Internet service has long been ubiquitous. And the 25% corporate income-tax rate, while higher than in the U.K. or Ireland, is lower than those of continental giants France and Germany.

Amsterdam, for its part, has become a magnet for “diversified financial” firms—a category that includes financial-data companies, brokerages, and providers of exchanges and other trading infrastructure. Most of the city’s financial headquarters belong to this category, according to New Financial, and Amsterdam has lured more such firms from Britain than any other EU city.

Key Benefits:

  • Gateway to Europe
  • Stable investment climate
  • Highly qualified and multilingual workforce
  • Extensive tax treaty network
  • Incentives for innovation (innovation box regime)
  • Certainty in advance (ruling) on Dutch Law Implications

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RPS LEGAL is a law firm specialized in assisting and advising International Companies and Start Ups with business expansion to The Netherlands and Europe. We are dedicated to making it easier for your businesses to start a company in the Netherlands. We facilitate the whole process setting up a company incorporated under Dutch law.


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