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Start-ups receive a great deal of support in the Netherlands

You wish to work in the Netherlands as a start-up entrepreneur. You need a residence permit for this. What are the conditions for this residence permit? And how does the application procedure work?

A residence permit as ‘start-up’ gives ambitious starters a year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands. One condition in this regard is that they are supervised by a reliable supervisor (facilitator) in the Netherlands. Start-ups receive a great deal of support in the Netherlands to develop into successful enterprises. This is good for the entrepreneur, but also good for employment and the economy.

Why start up a business in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is in the top 5 of the most competitive economies in the world. We have much to offer foreign entrepreneurs and investors: the accessibility by road, rail, ports and airports is excellent. In addition, our digital infrastructure is one of the fastest and most reliable in the world.


There are certain conditions that apply to everyone. In addition to these conditions, the following conditions apply to you and your facilitator:

  • Collaboration with a reliable and experienced facilitator.
  • The product or the service is innovative.
  • The start-up entrepreneur has a (step-by-step) plan in order to move from idea to business.
  • The start-up entrepreneur and the facilitator are both registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • There are sufficient financial means (resources) to be able to reside and live in the Netherlands.

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