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Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant (Kennismigrant)

Employers in the Netherlands can get Dutch work permits quickly for highly skilled international employees, without having to prove the non-availability of Dutch or EU workers.

To sponsor highly skilled migrants, the employer must first be registered in the Netherlands with the Chamber of Commerce, the Tax Authority, and the Dutch Immigration Service IND. A highly skilled migrant (also called a knowledge migrant or kennismigrant) is defined by age and salary. In 2017, the minimum monthly gross salary for a highly skilled migrant age 30 or older is €4,324.

Minimum monthly gross salary

For migrants under age 30, the minimum monthly gross salary is €3,170. For graduates of Dutch universities and Highly Educated Migrants of any age, the minimum monthly gross salary is €2,272. The amounts are indexed every year for inflation and do not include vacation pay (usually 8% of annual salary.)

Services for Highly Skilled Migrants and their Employers

We can assist employers obtain IND approval to sponsor highly skilled migrants and take care of all immigration matters for their international employees.

Our services include

  • Registering the employer with IND as an authorized sponsor of highly skilled migrants
  • Preparing IND applications for individual employees and their family members
  • Reviewing employee personal documentation (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) for compliance with IND rules
  • Checking document legalizations (apostille)
  • Arranging City Hall and IND employee registrations upon arrival in the Netherlands
  • Assisting employee to open Dutch bank account
  • Assisting employee to obtain Dutch health insurance coverage
  • Renewing highly skilled migrant residence permit.

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