Our short lines with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) ensure a fast immigration settlement
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High end Business Immigration Services for companies

With a good business climate also come good living conditions for new employees abroad. The Netherlands takes a world-leading position in (international) education, healthcare and recreation. Dutch foreign policy allows Dutch companies as well new starting companies outside the Netherlands to attract a knowledge migrant from outside the European Union. RPS Legal can execute these immigration procedures in a fast and relatively simple manner.

RPS Legal offers for companies top-notch legal services regarding business immigration, EU citizenship and EU residency applications.

Dutch Business Immigration


* Please note: we can only process your requests for immigration if:

– you want to start your own company;

– you already have a job offer;

– you have a Dutch partner.


What sets us apart?

We are true specialists in Dutch business immigration services for companies seeking high skilled migrants outside the EU.

RPS Legal works with Hilbrand Nawijn a Dutch politician and lawyer. Mr. Nawijn was former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration in the Balkenende Cabinet.

The knowdledge of mister Nawijn can help your Business Immigration Netherlands by accelerating the several processes towards the IND. The Netherlands has favorable arrangements for the admission of knowledge migrants, but the regular application of permits may slow down.

We assure companies a quick permit application for new employees

With RPS Legal we assure companies a quick permit application for new employees. Faster than the regular processes as we know as no other the entries at IND. We will realize the licenses for your company within a very fast term.

mr. H.N. (Hilbrand) Nawijn LL.M.

Specialist in Immigration Law and European working permits
Former Dutch Minister Immigration


Tel: +31 20 697 4000

We are not a executive search agency


We do not offer jobs in the Netherlands or Europe


We are not an agency that recruits professionals for European companies


We are not a agency that seeks employers for companies in Europe

High Skilled Migrants

Employers in the Netherlands can get Dutch work permits quickly for highly skilled international employees, without having to prove the non-availability of Dutch or EU workers. We have the experience to arrange the procedures effectively.

Startup residence permit

You wish to work in the Netherlands as a start-up entrepreneur. You need a residence permit for this. What are the conditions for this residence permit? And how does the application procedure work? Read more about the conditions.

Approved Sponsorship

You can only bring a highly skilled migrant to the Netherlands if you are a recognised sponsor. As a recognised sponsor, you have rights and obligations to select highly skilled foreign nationals who meet conditions for residence in the Netherlands.

EU Blue Card Residence Permit

The EU Blue Card does not replace the existing national highly skilled immigration schemes. They will subsist next to the EU Blue Card.

The benefit of the EU Blue Card lies in a limited amount of EU mobility rights.

Intra Company Transfers

Multinational corporate groups with entities in the EU, including the Netherlands, can transfer their personnel to one or more of these entities. There are 3 programs to work authorize an intra-corporate transfer (ICT).

Dutch Residence Permits (MVV)

Certain nationalities require a Dutch visa to enter the Netherlands, plus a Dutch residence permit to live in the Netherlands for longer than three months for legal stay. We explain important questions about Dutch permits.

Application review

Our thorough application review service offers you detailed, line-by-line check on your immigration application.

When requesting, our team of professionals will review the documents for accuracy and completeness.

Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT)

The Netherlands welcomes American entrepreneurs. Self-employed USA citizens can apply for a Dutch residence permit to live and work in the Netherlands.

There is no maximum age and you can also sponsor your spouse and minor children for residence.

Wealthy Investor Visa

The ‘Golden Visa’ for foreign investors in the Netherlands. A personal investment in the Netherlands of at least 1.250.000 euros of a non-fraudulent nature needs to be invested.

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