What is a corporate income tax?

On September 17, 2019, the Dutch government released a proposal containing its Tax Plan 2020 with certain amendments to Dutch Tax Law. The corporate income tax rate is currently 19% for the first € 200,000 of profit and 25% for profit exceeding this amount. As per January 1, 2020, there would be a reduction of the rates for 2020 to 16,5% for the first €200,000.

“Quick fixes” will be implemented in national laws in all member states, part of the “Action Plan on VAT – towards a single EU VAT area” regulation, in order to make it simpler and to combat frauds. Changes include a simplified treatment for call-off stock, uniform rules to simplify chain transactions, mandatory VAT identification numbers to apply the zero VAT rate and simplified proof of intra-Community supplies. Moreover, the low VAT rate, which is 9%, will be also adopted in Dutch Law for the delivery of books, newspapers and magazines supplies by electronic means.

RPS Legal provides legal services and assistance in tax related matters. We know all the benefits from the new proposal and we can provide you with a professional advice on the tax and legal situation to start a business, which is quite complicated.

Why will RPS LEGAL make a success of your company incorporation?

RPS LEGAL is a law firm specialized in assisting and advising International Companies and Start Ups with business expansion to The Netherlands and Europe. We are dedicated to making it easier for your businesses to start a company in the Netherlands. We facilitate the whole process setting up a company incorporated under Dutch law.


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