We handle more than €5 million in Dutch salary payments annually
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Your business needs payrolling

The administration of payroll can be surprisingly challenging, both at home and overseas, with no two countries the same. Managing payroll, in one or multiple jurisdictions, can be a difficult, resource draining task that soaks up hundreds of hours of time in interpreting legislation, complying with local rules, regulations and documentation.

We know that payroll can be a time-consuming task which is why many companies choose to out-source this requirement. Outsourcing your payroll to RPS Legal we take care of the entire company administration and tax process. Your company will as a result be able to focus on its core business.

The benefits of payroll for employers

Employers choose payroll for its ease and flexibility. The benefits of payroll by RPS Legal:

  • Adjust the working hours to the workload;
  • You stay in control of recruiting and supervising your employees
  • Multiple jurisdictions covered
  • Advance funds of wage costs;
  • The salary payments are taken care of;
  • No employer-related risks;
  • Payment of Directors’ fees
  • Coordination of tax and social security payments
  • No obligation to pay flex workers during sick leave;
  • Payment of net pay into the employees’ bank accounts wherever
  • No worries about your payroll;
  • Worldwide payroll calculations
  • Payslips for all employees choice of payment frequencies
  • Tax and social security deductions calculation and advice

With payrolling by RPS Legal your employees join our payroll. We take over the task of paying salaries to your employees, including all responsibilities and risks. This gives you fewer obligations and risks, more flexibility and more ease!


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