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Do you want to start your own business in The Netherlands? Or do want to work constantly in The Netherlands with it’s international outlook? This country is a good place to start your own business. A pro-business climate, competitive tax system, multilingual workforce and superior infrastructure are just some of the many advantages of doing business in The Netherlands.

Before you set up your Dutch business, it is important to take into account several things such as “Where to register the company, what kind of legal form will I use, what kind of taxes will I be confronted with?”

Dutch Company Incorporation

RPS Legal offers a bouquet of services from a tax/legal perspective for companies starting their business establishment in The Netherlands. However, in terms of Dutch Business  Incorporation, be aware that the tax and legal situation to start a business is quite complicated. We will help you with professional tax and legal advice before starting your own business. Fast, transparent and with dedication! Starting business Netherlands in fast way!

Registered Local Office

Our aim is to provide your business with a local presence with total convenience. We can arrange a fully equipped office space or a registered address where we’ll process all your post.

International Company Establishment

If you want to open a business in the Netherlands we offer you legal assistance and representation for the formation of BV (Limited Liability) and NV (Joint Stock) companies.

Executive Business Services

With our local network of office services, we’re able to offer you corporate executive business services. This ensures that all your legal and business entities adhere to local legislation.

Office Project Management

Our mission is to enabling workplaces by delivering a platform of space management services.We recognize the complexities associated with finding the right office for our clients. We achive goals for cost and quality.

Housing Facility

An international assignment is only successful when you’re feeling comfortable in your new working and living environment. In order for that to happen RPS Legal will achive a comfortable place to live.


When your business has international operations, it is essential to maintain accurate and timely accounting and financial reporting. Our team will focus on requirements and design a tailored solution for you.


RPS Legal is committed to providing compliant, correct and timely delivery of payroll services across multiple jurisdictions. Payment of net pay into the employees’ bank accounts wherever.

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