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Why a relocation to The Netherlands could be the right solution for your company

The outcome of the Brexit is very unclear as to what the consequences will be of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. This creates a lot of uncertainty for companies in the UK. Free trade between the UK and the EU is essential for growth. But what if all kinds of trade barriers will be imposed, which will make it much more difficult to export British products to Europe?

Several companies from the UK now choose The Netherlands as their base. This move allows them to maintain their access to the European market. Meanwhile, some leading companies from the UK have decided to move to Amsterdam.

An example is the media group Discovery. To secure her broadcasting rights in the EU, she switched to the continent. But financial players such as Tradeweb, NEX Group, CBO Global Markets and MarketAxess have already opted for an office in Amsterdam for that reason. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) also talks with regulators about a move to Amsterdam.

Why is Amsterdam interesting as a business location after the Brexit?

Of course, London was the financial capital of the world, but the Brexit will completely disrupt that position in the coming years. The uncertainty about labor law, taxes, the exchange rate and the stability of the British economy prompts companies to remove their European headquarters from London.

Amsterdam is a favorite alternative location. The proximity of Schiphol, the multilingual population and the favorable tax climate are decisive factors. Many other companies also think about moving (a part of) their activities. Research by the leading accounting firm KPMG shows that one in three UK-based companies in industrial production is considering a move in which the Netherlands is seen as an attractive location.

Hundreds of UK companies are moving to Amsterdam in 2019

Now in 2019, hundreds of foreign companies from the UK are considering moving to the Netherlands through Brexit. This is what the Dutch employers’ authority organization says to the Dutch Broadcasting NOS. Chairmen Hans de Boer is not only talking about large multinationals, but rather small and medium-sized businesses.

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RPS Legal is your service company setting up a branch office or legal entity in The Netherlands. We are well informed about the legal, tax and accounting procedures coming out of the Brexit. We are fully up to speed your immgration to The Netherlands.

We are fully involved in processes to manage your Brexit providing specialised lawyers, tax advisors or other consultants. Depending on the issue at hand, a very seasoned specialist may be needed, whereas in less demanding situations a generalist will do.

RPS Legal is managed by professionals who are actively engaged in everyday client service. As international law firm we are accustomed  working for clients located in different time zones. Always available when you need urgent assistance.

Why do UK companies specifically choose for Amsterdam?

Favorable business climate in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known in England for its good business climate. British people know Dutch culture through years of collaboration, as with ‘Royal Dutch Shell’.

In addition, our country has a perfect location, good infrastructure and the English language is powerful.

Favorable logistic business infrastructure

Schiphol is one of the larger airports in the world and maintains daily liner services with both American and Asian cities. In addition, the road and rail network is much better than in other European countries and the Netherlands is logistically interesting from the port of Rotterdam and the hinterland towards Germany.

Favorable internationally tax climate

The Netherlands is attractive for companies because profits generated abroad are not taxed again here. Also, no withholding tax is levied on interest and royalties. The large number of countries with which the Netherlands has concluded a tax treaty is also favorable: 94 countries, including 23 developing countries.

Huge growth of international schools

In addition to business motives, training also plays a role. International schools in the big cities anticipate the growing flow of expats to the Netherlands. International education in the Netherlands rose by no less than 47 percent in five years to more than 28,000 in 2018. The Netherlands is leading the way in the European Union.

Attractive international job market

The Netherlands is attractive because international employers and international candidates find each other here. Over the past five years, 44 percent of Dutch organizations have seen the number of ‘international employees’ grow in their workforce. Foreign employees like to live here, which gives international companies potential access to more talent.

Ambitions Netherlands in R&D area

The Dutch government is committed to additional investments in R & D. The goal in 2020 is to have 2.5% of the Gross National Product (GNP) from R & D. Currently it is 1.85%.

All kinds of tax benefits are created for this, such as the innovation box, where companies only pay 5% tax on their profits from patents and patents.

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