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Benelux outstanding Business Support

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – which are known collectively as ‘Benelux’ – have a well-developed infrastructure and large sea- and airports. The population is highly educated and internationally oriented and the consumers are among the wealthiest in the world.

The economies are very open to new businesses. The Benelux is also home to many EU and international institutions, including the EU Commission, the EU Parliament, NATO and the International Court of Justice.

Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport; Antwerp ranks second. Luxembourg is home to the EU’s only high-security free port for high-value goods. All three Benelux countries have large networks of tax and investment treaties and do not impose VAT pre-financing upon the import of goods into Europe.

All this makes Benelux an attractive market as well as a natural hub for the international expansion (or further expansion) of businesses.

With a good business climate also come good living conditions for new employees abroad. The Netherlands takes a world-leading position in (international) education, healthcare and recreation. Dutch foreign policy allows Dutch companies as well new starting companies outside the Netherlands to attract a knowledge migrant from outside the European Union. RPS Legal can execute these immigration procedures in a fast and relatively simple manner.

RPS Legal offers for companies top-notch legal services regarding business immigration, EU citizenship and EU residency applications.


Local challenges

Entrepreneurs typically deal with many legal and tax aspects in their home market, and to many they become a routine operation. At some point, interesting business or investment opportunities may present themselves in a new market. If the business case is sound, the next challenge is to realise and implement the plans. On the way to realisation one or more of the following aspects may be of importance.


Legal aspects

Registration with the proper authorities. Upon entry into Benelux, a new company has to register with the trade register and the tax office.

Virtually every aspect of doing business is affected by regulations and legislation, be it product homologation, environmental law, contract law, labor law, social securities or fiscal matters.

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Why is RPS Legal your reliable Benelux Business Partner?


RPS Legal is managed by professionals who are actively engaged in everyday client service.


RPS Legal is independent and is happy to work with any party brought forward by its clients. If needed, we can recommend advisors from our own network.


RPS Legal is accustomed to working for clients located in different time zones and is available when they need assistance.

Why RPS LEGAL will make a success of your
Benelux Business Operation

Corporation for the best results

We will work closely together with your in-house team and your external advisors. We can also reach out to our vast network of specialised lawyers, tax advisors, real estate agents, insurance brokers and other consultants should their assistance be required.

When companies set up a branch office or legal entity abroad, they usually have an internal officer looking after their affairs. Although these officers are generally well informed about the legal, tax and accounting procedures in the homeland, they are often not fully up to speed with all the local regulations and procedures abroad.

Our dedication makes the difference

Our involvement is often requested when companies need the assistance of specialised lawyers, tax advisors or other consultants, but do not know who to engage or what specific questions to ask. Depending on the issue at hand, a very seasoned specialist may be needed, whereas in less demanding situations a generalist will do.

This is where we can help, by recommending the most suitable (and not necessarily the most expensive) specialist from our extensive network of advisors.

How can we legally support your Benelux operation?

Type of company

Before setting up a business abroad, one should carefully consider whether a branch office or a legal entity is the best way forward. If one chooses to set up a legal entity it is amongst others imperative to first carefully define the company’s articles of association.

Staffing and hiring

If head-office staff are to be transferred to a new location, one has to carefully consider the need for work permits, the specifics of local labor law, wage tax consequences and appropriate housing solutions. If local staff need to be hired, the involvement of a local recruiter may be essential.

Office space or production facilities

Depending on your type of business and the number of staff, a dedicated office space may be needed.

If you will be importing goods, you might need a (bonded) warehouse or even production facilities. 

Accounting & Administration

In Benelux, all companies have to file statutory annual accounts on the basis of either local GAAP or IFRS.

Financial data may also be relevant for management reporting purposes.

Fiscal aspects

Taxation differs from one jurisdiction to another and it is of the utmost importance to comply with local tax regulations. Depending on your type of business, your company will be affected with taxation in the fields of VAT, income tax and social securities.

Bank Account

Due to strict KYC regulations, the opening of a bank account may pose a challenge in any given jurisdiction.

Without the proper guidance this process may lead to unnecessary delays and headaches.

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