Fahim Ziai

International Company Formation Specialist and tax services for the Benelux

 +31 20 697 4000

Fahim Ziai | Company Formation Specialist Benelux

Fahim is the one you need within RPS Legal who can help you setting up your Benelux Company, domiciliation and a Benelux business bank account!
We can deliver the following services as well:

Bank account For Business

  • Meeting Arrangement up to 4 Person to 200 Persons.
  • Post Forwarding.
  • Calls Forwarding.
  • French Translator.
  • Business Local Registration in Town Hall Applying.
  • FAX & E- Mails Answering and Forwarding Services.

Up to now we can offer Virtual Office in Brussels and Luxembourg.

1. Representative business address.
2. Weekly letter forwarding.
3. Attach your company logo to the entrance of the Sirius Business Park.
4. Personal reception of your guests.
5. 5% discount on conference room use.


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